Flash Olympus FL-900R or Olympus FL-600R For Radio Controlled??

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Re: Flash Olympus FL-900R or Olympus FL-600R For Radio Controlled??

doug wever wrote:

So I'm not being argumentative but confused: Pulses of visible (300 Thz) are just a different wave length of the same electromagnetic spectrum as radio signals ?

Visible and infra red light are part of the same electromagnetic spectum as radio signals but have dramatically different wavelengths and are widely separated on the EM spectrum.

What matters is not the underlying physics but how their wavelengths affect their use.

Radio wave based flash controllers have a greater range than the optically based ones and don't need line of sight but don't give any extra functionallity per se.

I do a lot of off camera flash work and usually use the Olympus RC optical control due to it's convenience (3 of my flashes are compatible with it). However when I need additional range, or when one of the remote flashes can't see the control signal I switch to a radio based control set up. In my case I use Akotec AK-TTL units to convert the Olympus optical control signals into radio ones. The Akotec system is clunky but it works. When I got it this was the only way to get the radio/TTL remote functionality with Olympus flashes. I believe there are other options now (Cactus?) but my current set up meets my needs.

If you don't need TTL functionality there are plenty of cheap radio control systems with full remote manual flash control (e.g. the Yonguo 560iv) where you can get 3 or 4 remote flashes for less than the price of a single Olympus flash. In this situation you will have to adjust the power of the remote flashes manually, the camera won't do it for you, but it is easy to do using the controller/master flash you attach to the camera.

I hope the above eases your confusion.

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