Love my G85, but hate JPEG colors... I want "Canon colors", how?

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Re: Love my G85, but hate JPEG colors... I want "Canon colors", how?

I've also been grappling with a quest for good enough JPEG colours, in my case because in landscape work with changing seasonal colours and sometimes rapidly changing light, I want JPEG's that provide an accurate record of what the light was actually like.

I don't have time to go into detail at the moment, and am not very 'tech' minded, but recently read another thread where someone concluded that they couldn't overcome a perceived warm bias in Oly (EM-1) JPEg's by in-camera tweaking.  This was someone who, like me, generally prefers Panasonic to Oly JPEG colours.

Like you I have a camera whose JPEG's please me very much (a Fuji XT10), and a Panasonic (GX7) whose JPEG's (standard, saturation -1) whose JPEG's I sometimes find lacking, but whose ergonomics I much prefer.  Like you I've been wondering whether to let my previous camera go.

With the GX7 I find I can't get clean golden yellows (e.g. in daffodils) in SOOC JPEG's, but can correct this quickly and easily in post processing, so its not a problem.  I've also found that I've had to get used to adjusting WB more often, espcially where the GX7's AWB fails to capture warmer greens (i.e. the opposite problem to that reported by the Oly EM-1 user mentioned above).  I found it difficult to untangle the contributions of the various possible adjustments (exposure, white balance, saturation etc), and am still grappling with that.

I seem to be coming to the conclusion that colour perception and preference is highly subjective (!), and that various camera's JPEG engines (not to mention lenses) handle different colours rather differently (as reported at Imaging Resource, for exmaple) and that there's a limit to how much this can be adjusted in camera.  I'll be interested to hear what conclusion you finally reach.

Good luck.

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