Next camera: torn between x100f and sony a6500

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Re: Next camera: torn between x100f and sony a6500

Brian Platt wrote:

blink667 wrote:

Sony IQ is not on the same level as Fuji. Ultimately it's a decision between buying a camera with great image quality or a hand held computer that takes so-so images.

That's an interesting perspective, because I always loved the sharpness of the Zeiss lens I paired with my Sony NEX-5, and I also think that -- perhaps to your point -- the image sensor silicon in a Sony camera is perhaps the best. But it never felt inspiring to me as a camera.

My massive 1Dx, which I usually pair (and hand-hold) with an equally large 300mm f2.8, feels like the inspired tool of an artist. The photos that come out are magical, and I love the moments I'm able to capture (usually shooting 15,000+ images in a weekend). It's just an amazing tool. So well balanced, just made to work.

I never had that feeling about the NEX (and it's probably unfair to equate all Sonys to the NEX-5n). The NEX felt like I was holding a lens with a base plate. It's not well balanced, it's not intuitive, and the menus were not friendly, at all. So good pictures, but no love.

All that said, the a6500 menus, features, and ergonomics look much better, and it probably would have been a great camera for me. But when I saw the x100f for sale yesterday, I decided to pull the trigger... hopefully a good choice.

I had a 5N and liked the IQ but as a camera and considering the balance between the body and lens, it didn't really work.  I also had a 6300, was extremely disappointed with the IQ and thought the metering and color rendition were disappointing.

I was thinking of looking for a used 5N but recently decided to get the XA3 instead; a better size, better kit lens, 24 mp, I already have 3 other Fuji lenses and it's a Fuji which means firmware updates if there are issues.

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