E-M1 mk 1 rear dial problem

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Re: Refurbs Have Served Me Well

PhotonX30 wrote:

SRT201 wrote:


I'm assuming they actually repaired YOUR E-M1 and didn't just send you a refurb righ?

That's what I hate about sending many things in for repair. They take my product which has a fault but was otherwise treated like a baby and send me something that often wasn't.

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This is why for MOST electronic items, I choose to buy a refurb in the first place. I found it interesting that Dell returned the same serial numbered laptop when I encountered problems with my last couple refurbs I sent to them for repair under warranty.

I too prefer "Refurb'd". Almost all my Olympus gear was purchased as Refurb'd and no problems so far.

For the last 12 years I've also purchased Refurb'd Dell Office Desktop computers (3) and not a single problem with any of them (including the one I'm on now).

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