Thom Hogan hints 50mp for upcoming D820/D850

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If hybrid EVF/OVF is so easy to implement, then why would the extra bulk of a detachable EVF be better?!?

I have the OVF to brace myself for still photos, but for the reasons discussed earlier, once you rig these things up for video, the viewfinder placement of a typical stills camera doesn't work, it needs to get way off the lens axis, or be monitored on an external screen.

I'd argue a that as supplied a flippy LCD is often more useful for video than the typical built-in EVF of a still photography based camera body. The bulk of detachable video EVFs is not without purpose - it makes them adaptable to a multitude of positions and movements - hell I would like one as a HUD even for stills.

Notice that even when fixed in position, the shape and placement of an EVF on a dedicated ENG camera is very different from a still photography based camera.

So that's an argument for a detachable EVF in ADDITION to hybrid. As that detachable EVF would be very awkwardly placed for still shooting.

Peesonally, I like Sony EVF placement for video shooting. For my uses, it is ideal.

Motion and still capture share many over lapping features, but they are quite different. What works on a camera spec'd for one purpose will be less good for the other purpose, to an even greater and more complex degree, this is also true of lenses.

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