Best birthday gift ever also the worst birthday gift ever (A6500 vs NX1)

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glasshalffull wrote:

Kisaha wrote:

"1080 video is surprisingly poor by current standards, even taking a step backward from the original a6000, and falling far behind what the company's own RX100 cameras are capable of."

"the 120p and 100p modes of Full HD video are shot using a smaller, 1.14x crop in from here and 30p 4K imposes a still tighter, 1.23x crop.

Cropping has several effects: it means you need a shorter focal length to achieve a wide-angle shot and also means that your noise performance worsens, since you're effectively using a smaller sensor area. In 4K/30p mode, the a6500 is using a sensor area a fraction larger than a Four Thirds sensor."

Also, 1080p rolling shutter is at the top in the industry, 4K on par or better than Sony (both a and A series).

Since I do 50/50 stills/videos currently with a future probability of moving towards 70/30 videos/stills I'd say video capability is important.

I have a habit of introducing letterboxes to some of my videos which means certain top and bottom will be chopped off. So if the A6500 is already cropped to begin with, does that mean when I introduce "overwriting letterboxes", the cropping will be even more noticeable?

For example, a 10 second footage of my daughter's face, once I introduce the letterboxes, the footage chops of some of her hair and forehead. But with the a6500, since it has slight crop factor, with the same angle and same length, her hair and most of her forehead will be chopped off. Correct?

Sorry if I am confusing people!

Yes, but obviously you can care for that while shooting (left more room for letterboxes), usually we put some gaffer tape on the monitors (or the camera's one) so to have some indication about the final frame. If you do that a lot, you are getting used to it, in anyway, a 10% zoom in (or crop, or letterbox) is ok, you are not missing quality.

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