indoor sports photography for ~$1000: one solution

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Re: indoor sports photography for ~$1000: one solution

beagle1 wrote:

Brian Gill wrote:

Thanks, guys, for the feedback, and apologies for the slow reply (I somehow missed the responses until now). Scokill is right: In the pools where I'm shooting (usually from a considerable distance), using APS-C sensor and f2.0 often requires ISO of 2000+. At f2.8 and APS-C, the ISO would need to be far too high.

So I'm sticking with my 85mm f1.4 prime until I can afford a full-frame camera. At that point, I expect that 70-200 f2.8 will work well.

scokill wrote:

BillyBobSenna wrote:

I disagree with your comments about crop sensor indoor sports photography with a 2.8 lens. I have shot a lot of indoor swimming with Nikon D70s, D90, D7000, D7200, and D500 with a 70-200 f2.8 lens. With this combination I am typically shooting ISO 1600 and 1/500 second. If you want take out a little noise you can do that in Lightroom.

c'mon ... iso more than 2,000 .......... "IQ" image quality

I could live to stay under ISO2000 all the time however I am very happy with ISO3200 on my D7200 and D500. The sensors in these cameras and post processing software help make ISO3200 photos very nice.

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