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Re: Canon 50D with Vivitar 135mm ƒ/2.8

GnarlydogOZ wrote:

csiluk wrote:

Yeah it's so much easier to focus on mirrorless cameras. I have a T5i with a focus conformation adapter for M42 lenses, but I get better photos from my m4/3's cameras anyway. Oops, am I allowed to say I get better photos from m4/3's than Canon APS-C

yes, you are

Now, if you say that M4/3 is better than APS-C then you might start a war. I can say that I get better photos from iPhone (which I don't have BTW) as long as it is not a universal claim. Heck, it might be even true as some find using a large complicated camera way too cumbersome and really get better photos from a "technically" (pixel peeping) inferior sensor like a mobile phone. I have seen it happen, a few times.

With Micro 4/3 there is this stigma that a small camera can't be good, a bit like a small car can't be good? "Real men" drive big cameras Let's stop it here, no point going down that rabbit hole like on the other DPReview forums where mine is bigger than yours... Images speak for themselves, right?

Canon's new sensors are catching up and are very good, but there still that step behind as others keep improving also. I was heart broken when they got too comfortable in there place in digital and every one else caught up and left Canon playing catch up. Don't get me wrong, Canon has outstanding cameras, they just aren't for me any more. They have the capability to have the same technology as everyone else, but they choose not to give it to you, not even in a firmware update. They want you to buy a new camera. And I'm not willing (nor able to) carry around a large professional DSLR anymore. I have no regrets switching to m4/3's a year and a half ago, and to be honest, I was absolutely blown away by m4/3's. It was, and still is, the perfect system for me. And I get to use all my vintage lenses from 40 years ago, and most of them perform better and are easier to use than they were back then. I even look to buy more if the price is right. I have Oly's Pro 12-40 and 40-150, and the 75 f1.8 and other very sharp lenses from Sigma and Panasonic, it's that they not as much fun. They have there uses when you need lighting fast auto-focus. I know vintage lenses aren't for everybody, but that's what I love about this forum. It's people with all makes of cameras, all makes of lenses, some that I never heard of, mixing and matching and taking photos and sharing it all.  Let's keep it up

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