Can I down Res on a Nikon d800 without changing the crop factor

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Re: Can I down Res on a Nikon d800 without changing the crop factor

utihomes wrote:

I'm considering purchasing this camera for some wide angle use (14-16mm). I'll be shooting architecture & landscaping. If I changed the resolution down to Large (20MP) will this change my crop factor? Or in other words, will this change my field of view and make it not as wide?

I know I can always decrease the resolution in post afterward, but I will be emailing the RAW images to a friend that will be editing them for web display only; so I don't need the full 36MP. In fact, my concern is that the RAW images are over 75MB, and it takes too long to upload to the cloud.

I know I could get an APS-C camera, but I want the quality of full-frame; even if the final result is only web-display.

Will down-resing crop the field of view?

You would probably have gotten an answer more quickly in the correct forum

Within Image Area the Image Size simply reduces resolution without changing Field Of View (FOV).
From the D800 manual (which you could have located for yourself online):

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