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Re: Another Safari Lens Question

averacpa wrote:

Sorry to sound like a repeat question, but I have read many threads and still I do not have a good sense of where my next lens purchase should be: Oly 300 or Pany 100-400.

I would like to hear from people who actually been on Safaris and have practical experiences with either lens.

Planning on a safari/Africa trip in 2019 with the objective of shooting large animals, landscapes as well as a trip to local vineyards, and hot air ballooning. This involves a bit of preparation and savings. Don't really shoot BIF, would if perched and close enough to fill at least 40-50% of the frame.

Have the EM1 and GX7 with Oly 9-18, 12-40, 40-150 w/TC, Pany 100-300, 15, and Rokinon 7.5.

My 100-300 old version has given good images, but not consistently and is the lens I am considering on replacing. IQ and sharpness is most important. The issue is whether I really need a zoom in the 200-400mm range. From what I have read, the 100-400 is not as sharp as it approaches 400. The Oly 300 shows to be sharp with and without the TC, but I would either be shooting at 80-300/600 or 160-420/840 with the 40-150, 300 and TC combo.

Good chance I would pick up a second EM1 for the trip so I would have a consistent setup. Also based on the readings, best shots are done during dawn/dusk so speed is also important.

Thanks in advance for all advice offered.


I cannot speak to the 100-400 lens.  Many have achieved excellent results with it.

I used the 300mm lens on a trip to southern Africa, including six safaris, last year.  The lens is stupendous and I am very pleased with the results.  I had other lenses as well, so did not find the fixed focal length to be an issue.  I used the lens alone and with the TC, and achieved very good results either way.

By the way, Africa is an incredible continent, and I would go back to southern Africa in a heartbeat, and will one day.  

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