USB charging on G80/G85?

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Re: Would in-camera USB charging be a must?

Firstly to your question, as _vald said, GX85.

Useroo wrote:

That is one interesting tread.

I personally have an old clunker called Kodak EasyShare M1063, totally out of fashion and worse, the sensor is riddled with dust and also has static on both sides meaning i have to crop off sections on both sides of each photo.

Anyway, the interesting part of in-camera charging via USB is it's apparent correlation to dust on the sensor you can't get rid of!!

I had (still own it) a Sony waterproof credit card size tough compact TX10 many years ago which already used in-camera USB charging. I trust its later siblings and some other Sonys should also use similar feature. I found no evidence to relate the charging method and dust problem.

Panasonic only has USB charging for the smaller 1 inch sensor equipped but 4k capable TZ (ZS) 100 or LX10/15 models, also know as dust magnets or vacuum cleaners with added camera, once you got dust in there, and this could be as soon as after 3 months you could get very depressed with such a camera at the price you paid.

Yes, a mirrorless can handle this better, specially M43 has an Ultrasonic filter stacked on top of their sensor that can effectively remove dust on the sensor upon every power up.

So, you need a removable lens type of camera - but neither Panasonic nor Olympus seem to have any of those with in-camera USB charging, just plain weird, it seems these manufacturers do not really know what certain customers really really want.

See above. I suppose it might be more common for smaller size bodies in future. Says, GF9/GX850 starts using microSD card...

Their small and pocketable models with changeable lenses are supposed to be travel cameras as well, but if you have to add extra cords and a bulky charger to your already heavy luggage when flying a continent further, no fun at all.

Some folks in this tread seem to love the external charging

A reason for my earlier response on recommending an external USB charger than using in-camera USB charging here, was the in-camera USB charging would not allow GX85 to work.

and i guess it's all about preferences or what one is used to, but in my experience it takes my camera to completely charge the battery from zero to full less time than me editing my last 100 plus photos on the pc, and because the camera sits right next to the pc i also spot when the light goes off indicating the battery is fully charged, so i have never forgotten to disconnect in sooooooooo many years.

IMHO USB charging method is flexible to charge everywhere (no wall socket required), but in the middle of shooting, it is simply nonsense to require user to stop for 2~3 hrs waiting for the battery to be recharged. Yes I can always carry a few spare batteries (4 indeed, 3 spares and 1 in the camera), but when I have time to recharge my batteries (normally return to hotel after a day's shooting), the in-camera charger only allows me to charge 1 battery a time. Normally I would empty 2.5 batteries a day, I need to spend 6~7 hrs to recharge all of my batteries prepare for next day. i.e., I have to wake up a few times in the night to change the battery?

Before sourced the Dual Channel USB charger, I bring 2 regular external chargers with me (1 for GX7 and 1 for GF3 since GX85 share a similar size battery with these models). Now, not only I can charge 2 batteries at the same time, most beautiful of it is allowing me to charge my battery inside my camera bag just when I replace a new battery. Now I still carry a regular charger in case I need to charge 3 batteries at the same time.

Look at smart phones, can you see all these people taking out the battery to be recharged with some device that's bulkier than the phone itself, why isn't this common place in regular cameras no matter what budget range??

Please believe me, although photographing is a very conservative industry, it would gradually wake up to the new standard...

Anyway, is there any MFT camera with interchangeable lens out there that can do USB charging, if so, please mention here, thanks.

Recently, external USB power bank can be used to provide many hours continuous shooting for cameras (Pany as well as most other brands). Instead of in-camera USB charging, it makes use of a relay box and a coupler linking up with an external USB power bank.

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