Ptotographing sun / solar eclipse. ND filters. 100mm square filters.

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Re: Ptotographing sun / solar eclipse. ND filters. 100mm square filters.

charleyd wrote:

Using an ND filter is NOT an option when photographing the sun. You need to block around 1/100,000 of the suns output, ND filters will block around 1/1000. You will fry your camera with an ND filter. I am an amatuer astronomer and use a solar filter on my telescope. The solar mylar films will do the trick and are relatively inexpensive. I use glass solar filters on the main telescope but do use mylar on the finder scope and also binoculars, works fine. I repeat, do not use ND filters, they do not eliminate the damaging wavelengths emanating from the Sun. If you are using a standard telescopic lens, the image of the Sun is going to be very tiny. You need at least 1200mm or longer to get a reasonable image size on the sensor.

For lenses I have a Celectron C5 native 750mm F6 and a Celestron C90. The C90 (1000mm) is just miserable to focus without loosing the object in view on even my sturdiest tripod. The C5 is much better for focusing and I use it a lot for paper targets on the 200 yard range where it is the nicest range scope I have ever used. I will also try my 55-300 Sony and see what that gives me as far as filling the frame with the sun. I don't see much of a chance of buying anything higher power just for this learning experience.

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