G7X - Do you miss the EVF?

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Re: G7X - Do you miss the EVF?

tkbslc wrote:

I'm trying to decide on a 1" compact. I generally like everything better about the G7 X Mk2 over the RX100 III, except I worry I'll miss the EVF.

If you've used the G7X (either version), are there times where the screen is unusable due to strong sunlight? Is it something to be concerned about?


I just came from New England and was shooting in sunlight after the big spring snow they had... the answer to your first question is definitely YES.  I could not see a darn thing on my camera framing shots in the bright light (they still came out good being lucky with my aim).  One of the reasons I did not buy the Mk I version of this camera is because I wanted a viewfinder.  When I lost my Fuji X30 in an early snow last fall, I bought the G7X II (in spite of no EV) because I thought the upgrades were significant, it is pocketable, and I saw so many great pictures taken with it.  (I did not like the form factor of the G5).  When my X30 was found a couple weeks ago in the spring thaw, I spent almost 400 bucks to fix it - that should tell ya that I like that camera with its EVF.  Now, having said all that... Would I get rid of the G7XII for any reason?  No way.  It is a great camera, handles well, and takes beautiful pictures (in spite of having to hold it up like a cellphone).  To answer your second question, ya can't get too concerned about any of it; because we have yet to see the perfect camera.  We use what they give us for choices, and every camera has its pluses and minuses.

btw i almost bought the Sony, but something about the color and the realism of the canon jpegs looked better (to me).

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