I am the only one to find jpeg junk?

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Not junk... but you need to make some adjustments

I've been testing an XT2 for the past several days getting ready to switch over from Sony to Fuji.

What I have found is, that there are so many significant ways you can change the look of the jpegs that they can be bad or good.  For example, I found out of the box settings to be far too contrasty.  When I discovered the highlight and shadow details settings and also the DR setting, I was able to easily make adjustments to my preference.  I also find the many different film modes in the Fuji quite useful for jpeg shooters.

In terms of comparing preservation of detail and colors in high ISO situations, I am finding that the XT2's jpegs do a much better job in preserving these than my Sony A6000 where there were substantial improvements made by processing the raw files.

As with other features like auto focus custom settings, this camera requires careful attention and settings to get the most out of it.  This is due to the huge range of adjustments and flexibility Fuji provides, which is a good thing... but it means a steeper learning curve and many more opportunities to screw things up as well.

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