Thom Hogan hints 50mp for upcoming D820/D850

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Re: Thom Hogan hints 50mp for upcoming D820/D850

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In this same discussion thread Thom also mentions "I believe Nikon has one really big surprise coming, sensor-wise". 50mp does not really sound like a big surprise to me so he must be referring to something else.

I wouldn't only look at MP count in terms of the surprise. A big surprise could be who makes the sensor. It could be on-sensor phase detect AF. Any number of things could be a big surprise besides MP count.

Good on-sensor phase detect would indeed be "big" and is necessary to compete. Nikon and Pentax are the only camera makers that still don't have a decent live view.

This morning Thom posted that OSPDAF is not what he is referring to (nor is it a multi-layered CFA). He seems to think that OSPDAF does not make sense for F-mount for technical reasons which is consistent with what I have heard elsewhere.

Link please?  Thom and I have corresponded in this topic in the past, and back then he seemed to think F mount was just fine. I'd like to read his exact words on it.

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