An excellent AA battery P&S with full manual controls

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Realistic ratings, nice job

+1 on using AAs.

...but the manufacturers don't like this, because:

a) They can't make the camera obsolete by discontinuing the battery

b) They can't sell batteries to us any more at $50 a pop when they're worn out or when we want spares

c) AA batteries are bulky for their power output. The box-shaped lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries can go into a tiny little camera with no wasted space due to circular shapes that waste space between their curves.

With a heavy heart, I just gave away an older Olympus digital camera that used AA batteries. It had a nice, sharp prime f/2.8 lens too. But alas, it was only 4 MP and used XD cards, which are a hassle these days.

I sold my Pentax K100d SLR, which also ran off of AAs, and which I loved. I was never without power on that camera! I carried two sets of NiMH AAs and a back-up set of lithium, and it could share batteries with its separate flash.

Maybe it will be re-introduced as a new feature and a new buzz name soon.

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