Thom Hogan hints 50mp for upcoming D820/D850

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Re: Thom Hogan hints 50mp for upcoming D820/D850

michaeladawson wrote:

Glen78 wrote:

In this same discussion thread Thom also mentions "I believe Nikon has one really big surprise coming, sensor-wise". 50mp does not really sound like a big surprise to me so he must be referring to something else.

I wouldn't only look at MP count in terms of the surprise. A big surprise could be who makes the sensor. It could be on-sensor phase detect AF. Any number of things could be a big surprise besides MP count.

Thom's latest post seems to suggest it is not OSPDAF. Another manufacturer certainly seems possible. We should keep in mind while Nikon does not currently have its own sensor fab it does produce the equipment sensor fabs use to make the sensors so the definitely have plenty of capable engineers for sensor development.

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