Issue with concentric rings on E-M1 Mark II (edited title)

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Yes, let's not

TN Args wrote:

Astrotripper wrote:

I'm getting more and more sour on this whole Micro 4/3 thing. First was my journey down the rabbit hole with purple fringing .

....This is ridiculous, seriously. 3200 EUR and I can't even get a usable kit?

....Anyway, looks like the well has been poisoned for me. I can already tell there will be no love for the Oly flagship, as opposed to GM5.

....And to be honest, if I had a viable option, I would jump ship right now.

....I consider this camera to be broken. And it is either that the one I bought is faulty or something is broken at the very fundamental level.

All because of the settings chosen?

Well, sorry you find my frustration with this whole thing inappropriate. But when I pay 2000 EUR for a flagship camera I expect it will have a functional software. What I do not expect is that I will be a beta tester.

The fact that the problem has been resolved at considerable time investment on my part (and let's not forget others who contributed in this thread with tips, suggestions and their own testing) does not in any way pull Olympus off the hook.

I will not voice my opinion on Olympus regarding this matter here for I don't want to be grilled by fanboy apologists.

So yeah, all because of one setting that rendered the camera unusable for me.

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