G80/81/85 4K-Photo - comparison to RAW

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G80/81/85 4K-Photo - comparison to RAW

I just started playing with Panasonics 4K photo mode. With that you essentially record a 4K video and extract stills from that in-camera. I am not a video guy but I think Panasonic uses a special codec that allows better jpeg quality.

This has one downside: You have to shoot jpeg only compared to Olympus' ProCapture where you also get RAW.

But this also has some advantages: As you record video you get absolutely no EVF blackout. Furthermore you have AF and exposure metering while ProCapture locks focus and exposure when pressing the release. And if you chose 4K(S/S) (start/stop by pressing the release) you also get audio in the resulting video.

Here are some examples from yesterdays test. All are 100% (so no scaling) but cropped.

4K-photo OOC

still shot OOC jpeg

same still shot but edited from RAW in RawTherapee

Finally here are the next three frames from the 4K-video. Faster SS would have been better for less motion blur.

My conclusion:

I am impressed. Image quality seems to be better than OOC jpeg from stills, but RAW still has the edge. Selecting the stills from video in camera works nice, you even get those colored lines indicating focus (as you get in MF), which makes selecting sharp images easy. But for longer videos it takes some time as the camera only loads a small sequence at a time and loading the next takes some seconds. On the other hand selecting the best shots from RAW isn't fast, eather, and developing also takes its time.

I will use it for fast action in the future. I went into 4K mode in the shots above when another greenfinch turned up and yelled at the one I just photographed. And as anticipated he attacked. And both disappeared in the forest.

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