Issue with concentric rings on E-M1 Mark II (edited title)

Started Mar 19, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Re: This just gets weirder and weirder

Astrotripper wrote:

Few people suggested I do a full camera reset and see if that would help. I was pretty sure it would not, because why would it, I got a brand new camera so surely it was at factory settings. Turns out it did help.

The obvious green rings are gone. I can still see a bit of posterization, which is eerily similar to what I would get with careless noise reduction. But maybe this is just so deep in the shadows that I'm at the limits of tonal range here.

I tried changing one by one all the settings I originally changed in hopes I would identify one that was causing problems. Nothing. I fiddled with everything that came to my mind. I tried different shooting modes including high res, silent, different drive modes, different ISOs etc. No anomalies.

How's that for a head scratcher?

Anyway, I will try to upgrade the firmware to 1.1 now.

Yeah, I'm trying to think about what I would have changed so I don't do it again. Let me know if you find out the culprit

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