"auto+manual" focusing G80/85

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lescrane Regular Member • Posts: 355
"auto+manual" focusing G80/85

G80/85  w PL 100-400
newbie on BIF photo w/M43

settings: lens focus: Auto

Camera: AF+ Manual ON

Focus Peaking ON

Focus Point : Single point center.

Goal....tweak auto focusing using manual ring,   use manual focusing to acquire objects when auto focus hunts, such as there's a bird in the trees and the camera keeps focusing on branches because I can't find the bird, I want to manually adjust focus.

  • When camera focusing lever is on AFC/AFF,   I can initiate AF then turn lens ring, get the big square peaking box and focus by hand.   
  • When camera focusing lever is on AFC which is how I default to wildlife photography,  the manual focusing assist is not operative, I can't adjust focus.

Is this normative? Should I be able to set it to manually override auto focus while in AFC? In DSLR world they call this real time manual focusing.

thank you

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