Issue with concentric rings on E-M1 Mark II (edited title)

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Re: PanaLeica 12mm unusable on E-M1 Mark II after all

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And to be honest, if I had a viable option, I would jump ship right now.

There are no shortage of viable options out there a Canon 6D and Sigma 24mm F/1.4 combo , comes in at £850 less than the E-M1 II+ 12mm F/1.4. Looking around the astrophotography shooters the Canon seems to be a very popular choice.

Not to mention there is a 20/1.4 too if one needs really wide angles.

Yep. Those fast UWA Sigmas are amazing (the 20mm and the 14mm). Great stuff for astrophotography, even if they need to be stopped down. But other than astro, I have no need or want for FF camera. Especially one so low-specced. I'm not gonna spend that much money on something I will use 3-4 times a year. EM1 sized camera and PRO line of glass is already near my upper limit of tolerance in terms of size and weight. GH5 is actually past it.

From your user name and threads about the problems with the 12mm I had assumed that astrophotography was a priority For astrophotography what specs do you really need

For me, E-M1.2 was supposed to be a "serious" but still relatively compact camera. The jack of all trades. The camera that would handle almost anything, including astro. This is what I want from my system.

And of course I have GM5 with me all the time. And it's great that I can share some of the lenses between the bodies.

Or considering you have so many Panasonic lenses the GX8 would be a much cheaper option offering pretty much identical image quality to the EM-1 II with no compatibility issues with the lenses. Unless you desperately need the speed of the E-M1 II for fast sports etc. The GX8 body is currently £1200 less than the EM1II !

One of the problems many existing Panasonic cameras have (don't know about the GX8) is they don't really do too well with really long exposures. This might be dealt with using stacking etc. but buying a Panasonic for really dark shooting seems a bit counter intuitive.

I am not interested in GH camera, as it costs a lot and does

I already went through all the motions. The only Panasonic camera that would be passable for me is GX8, as it is one of very few that can do long exposures properly. But that is a last resort.

not have any features I actually want.

And to be frank, I would be all in Panasonic if they would only produce a camera that would not be crippled in some way. But they keep missing the mark every time. And the only thing they made that really appealed to me (GM5), they apparently dropped.

What do you think makes cameras like the GX8 crippled ? The image quality is all but identical to the E-M1 II give or take a bit of processing. The GX8 has an excellent EVF tilting may even be useful for astrophotography ,for the 3-4 times a year you do it , very good 4k if video interests you , dual IS is pretty good though not as good as the mk II , DFD AF is very effective , 4K photo modes can be useful .

The grossly exaggerated {typically by folk who have never touched one } shutter shock issue is 99% resolved in the auto shutter update. It is well built, weather sealed. I have never experienced SS in a couple of thousand images taken with the GX8 For me the MK II while an excellent camera is very much a niche product with its main advantages being to those who need its speed { fast sports, BIF etc}

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