Issue with concentric rings on E-M1 Mark II (edited title)

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Re: Steps to test for this

Astrotripper wrote:

After more fiddling I arrived at the simplest way to reproduce the problem:

  1. Set the camera to aperture priority and set the aperture wide open.
  2. Set ISO to 200.
  3. Point the camera at a sheet of paper or a wall or any uniform surface, doesn't matter if the focus is spot on or completely off.
  4. Take a few shots with exposure compensation set somewhere in the range of -2 to 03 EV.

The rings are visible on the camera's screen. As far as I can tell, camera settings do not affect the result.

And now that I know exactly what to look for, I can actually see it in live view.

As I already wrote couple of times, I assume the unit I got is defective and will pay a visit to the store tomorrow. But it would still be nice to hear from other users.

The problem is your choice of iso 200 is too low to overcome the noise floor of the sensor. On my e-m1.1 night sky shots below iso800 or so do the exact same thing.

See: http//

Try a higher iso, 1600 or so and see if it still happens.

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