Issue with concentric rings on E-M1 Mark II (edited title)

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Re: But what could possibly cause this?

fft2000 wrote:

Danielvr wrote:

With concentric rings, you'd think the problem is optical, i.e. caused by a lens or filter. But you're seeing it with a wide variety of lenses and I'm sure you didn't put a circular polarisation filter on each.
I've seen 'natural' rings in overprocessed photos of the Moon's halo, and in photos of pulsed laser beams. None of that applies here.
But it has got to come from somewhere..

Probably "something" under the protective glass on the sensor? (oil?) Or the coating of that glass?

@Astrotripper are those circles visible when you look at the sensor?

Did you take all these shots with IBIS on? And if so, what happens with it off?

Two pieces of glass in close proximity  (can be flat or curved, like a lens) will show Newton Rings when exposed to light of a specific wavelength or light that contains strong specific wavelengths, like fluorescent lights.  However, these rings are diffuse, different coloured (Newton rings are monochrome) and too thick, unless the two pieces of glass are very flat.  The less accurately flat the two pieces are (we're talking millionth of inches) the more and more closely-spaced the rings are.

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