Issue with concentric rings on E-M1 Mark II (edited title)

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Re: PanaLeica 12mm unusable on E-M1 Mark II after all

Stejo wrote:

On the contrary, I find his thorough testing very interesting and wouldn't call it complaining by any means. Some understandable frustration perhaps, considering the amount of money involved.

Until some Em1ii owner can provide samples that don't demonstrate this issue, it's anybody's guess if we're talking about a defective unit or a bigger problem. And it would be no use returning it to the store only to find that the same issue exists in all EM1ii bodies.

Eagerly waiting to find out how this ends.

I'm all for thorough testing. On the other hand, declaring that he would jump ship before that testing is even complete, and the determination as to whether it's just his camera or a systemic problem, is in my book complaining. When I get a defective product, I make sure I am using it correctly, do some testing, then exchange it. I don't dismiss the entire product line out of hand, until I find good reason to.

It would be of much use to exchange it, so he can test another. Is it your idea that he should hold on to the camera until someone else runs similar tests?

I've been on product forums for over a decade and constantly witness people complain about a single defective product as though everything made by that manufacturer is junk. Yes, it's frustrating to get a lemon. It happens with any manufacturer.

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