Hmm, just shot a99i and a99ii on a shoot today...

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Marco Cinnirella
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Hmm, just shot a99i and a99ii on a shoot today...

...can't share the images (yet) as this is a professional gig for the National Trust. However, I found myself torn in two between these cameras. The a99ii had the Sony Zeiss 24-70G2 mounted on it. The a99i the Minolta 80-200 HS G. My brief was to shoot a new part of a garden and playground and some shots of kids walking on trails in an arboretum owned by the NT.

Have to say I LOVE the colors coming from the original a99MK1 in raw - WB is spot-on and there is just something real special about the tonality. Low to mid high ISO is clean too. 80-200 HS G works great on the a99i.

Switching in between the cams I immediately noticed the a99ii EVF feels bigger and better and has better eye relief. However, having now looked at the raws, that I cooked in DXO Optics Pro, the WB on the raws, prior to adjustment, is quite yellowish compared to the WB the a99i was giving me - both cams were set to auto. I haven't had time to profile the a99ii with my color checker but maybe I will have to because the skin tones I'm getting under cloudy conditions are really yellow for white Caucasian skin. I don't need to profile my a99i as it's spot on. I also see more luma noise in low ISO raws on the a99ii than the a99i (e.g. ISO 500, 640). It's weird because from ISO 6400 the a99ii pulls away from the a99i but bizarrely at lower ISOs I'm liking the tonality and low noise of the a99i more. Hmm, quite a conundrum in terms of what to make my A and what to make my B cam for future gigs. of course if fast action is the brief then the a99ii is the obvious choice, as it is for high ISO indoor stuff.

But I have to say that for portraits I'm loving the tonality, color and 'feel' of the a99i raws more. Not what I expected !

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