alpha SLR upgrade to ?? (advice please!)

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alpha SLR upgrade to ?? (advice please!)

Good day all,

Posted here a few years back re upgrade... didn't do it. kept on using mine (a500).

it's been great, does what i want, no issues. i think though it might be time to take the leap. i've been browsing around at what might be the best option (i.e. - even other brands, but of course wanting to stay true to alphas!). i thought to initiate a new thread to ask your advice, as i figure the landscape has changed a lot.

ironically, i think i've come to the same conclusion as i did a few years back. sony rocks and offers incredible value for the price. price is a factor and i need to kept that reasonable. i.e. full frame is out of the question. 2k+ plus lenses + tax... nonstarter. thinking to keep it around 1k$, which keeping in alpha would let me reuse lenses.

so i started comparing in the 1k range... so t6i / t7i, d7100..  i find that if i compare to sony, the a77ii, now avail in canada at 1k, just slams those in performance and features.

so then i came at from a technical perspective. i.e. - compare 80D with 77ii. very similar, but 77ii still rocks performance AND the 80D is a LOT more money! (and despite that the 80D was released 2 years later then the 77ii !).

so looking within sony... a77ii? a68?  (a99 is out of the question...$$).  with recent pricing aggression on the 77ii, it's very close to the a68. so i think it's a nonstarter. so here's my questions for you folks.

1 - does my analysis seem logical? good conclusion?  is the 77ii likely my best bet? (and something that will last me a while, considering how long i've had my a500)

2 - i've got a 50mm, 55200 and 1855. Was wondering if it would be worth getting an 18-135 at the same time i upgrade - less lens switching, albeit driving my price up. OR, better to stick with my two zooms then put money at a later time toward a better quality longer zoom / better glass?

3 - half thought to keep my a500 as a backup, but... with its age, will it be one of those things that will just sit in the closet? i.e. - better to sell the body now and get a few dollars?

Thoughts appreciated!

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