Issue with concentric rings on E-M1 Mark II (edited title)

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Re: PanaLeica 12mm unusable on E-M1 Mark II after all

CharlesB58 wrote:

Let me get this straight: you receive what in all probability is a defective camera-which happens- and you go on and on with the assumption that it's all EM1.2s that are bad? Also, it appears you are more intent on complaining on this forum than seeing if you can return the camera or have it fixed under warranty?

By all means, jump if you run into problems with your new camera it will be a different forum.

As I understand he initially thought it was yet another incompatibility with panasonic lenses. Further testing revealed it's a general issue with the camera and he would return the camera. No further complaining, just testing and wondering what could cause those circles.

Seriously, exchange the camera or get it repaired. Complaining ad nauseum here isn't solving the issue, is it?

I see this written in this wrong way quite often on this forum. It's ad nauseam.

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