Issue with concentric rings on E-M1 Mark II (edited title)

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Re: PanaLeica 12mm unusable on E-M1 Mark II after all

avalvo wrote:

I did some testing in extreme back light situations with the Pan 12mm 1.4 and the 15mm 1.7. There is indeed CA. I don't see any purple blobs. Its not extreme, but it is there. Turning off noise reduction and filter did help a bit, but its definitely there.

I compared to the 12mm f2 and the 12-40 pro. These did not show any CA. I would not say that it make the Pannys unusable, but it means I will avoid backlight situations. Hopefully, Oly will issue a firmware fix, if that is possible.


one reason could be:

some underexposure: the slope of a tonal curve of a cam is very flat in the deepest shadows, but also in the deepest shadows any cam has the least tonal Resolution.

if you increase contrast in Image processing, this can cause such brightnes/colour banding. if you give the sensor more light or increase the iso - means brighter exposure, your deepest shadows will land on a steeper part of the tonal curve and and colour/brightness banding is unlikely to happen (if during the production of the cam the tonal curves of red, green, blue had been adjusted properly).

give it a try to test whether this - underexposure - could be the reason. and set noise reduction to a moderate or low Level in Addition or swith it off completele as Long you are testing.

BR gusti

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