Issue with concentric rings on E-M1 Mark II (edited title)

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Noted you used Darktable...

Astrotripper wrote:

I'm getting more and more sour on this whole Micro 4/3 thing. First was my journey down the rabbit hole with purple fringing .

I finally decided to buy E-M1.2 and deal with fringing issues, since the camera seems to be checking all the right boxes for me.

But now I discovered this:

This is ridiculous, seriously. 3200 EUR and I can't even get a usable kit?

And yes, I tried different raw converters, and even different demosaicing algorithms.

I will test it out more to see if it happens with other lenses, but I suspect this only affects the Leica.

The worst part is that I bought the E-M1.2 at a brick and mortar store (see, I was so sure it would be a perfect choice) and I don't think I can just return it. So it's the Leica that will have to go back. Too bad, I really, really like that lens.

Anyway, looks like the well has been poisoned for me. I can already tell there will be no love for the Oly flagship, as opposed to GM5.

And to be honest, if I had a viable option, I would jump ship right now.

Would the software cause you such problem?

Why not try an SOOC Jpg to narrow down the core of the problem?

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