1:1 legacy macro lenses

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Re: 1:1 legacy macro lenses

Letsgokoulos wrote:

Michael Everett wrote:

I notice most of the Cosina lenses on the Internet indicate AF. Does it have an aperture ring so that it can be used as MF?

No, you do not want the AF version. This is the one you want (Vivitar in this case, and Canon FD mount) :


Please note this one has the "Matched macro adaptor (1:1)", which you need to have to obtain the proper magnification.

Here is a site providing information over the lens :



Hi, I´m looking into buying a cosina/vivitar 100mm for 1:1 macros, but almost all I see on ebay are AF, and not MF.

I want to use it on my A6000, what is the difference from one to another?

Can´t you focus manually even if it has AF?

Sorry, but I´m new to this world


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