Casio ZR800 "Test shots"

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Re: More Casio ZR800 "Test shots". Addendum ->->-> WHOOPS !

Marty Too wrote:

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Cyril Catt wrote, in part:

We miss our landline, but in the past year over 90% of landline calls were unsolicited "Spam" commercial calls: extremely annoying.

In Australia, you can register your phone number so that unsolicited calls cannot be made to it (except by registered charities) [...]

Yes, we have that as well - but not very well--

In the same vein as in many other cases, either in a sort of "Hacking", or simply by overwhelming the system, the scammers continue the "Spamming" ((as of course they do on the internet)).

At least my Android phone allows me to block individual numbers when such calls do get through. I imagine that the iPhones do, too.

It's nice to hear that you are "Rolling with the punches" as you simplify what you carry on local excursions, I suppose we'll all be doing that sooner or later. [...]

The problem in the US (and maybe elsewhere) is that these calls come in by VOIP methods. They spoof legitimate numbers. This week I've received several calls with my local Verizon cell phone exchange as the start of the phony caller id. (Occasionally I've heard of the caller ID spoofing the phone receiving the call. It looks like you're calling yourself. )

Perhaps Verizon and AT&T can shut these scammers down. I think they'll only try of legislation forces the issue.

Scammers calling from India and Bangladesh don't give a hoot concerning US do not call lists.

The Philippines also seem a major source for us, but phone scams have recently been overshadowed by internet 'offers' or 'prizes' that are so outrageously high value that they cannot be true, and are getting past my 'gatekeepers' at a couple of dozen a day. A real nuisance to bin them every day, though checking 'All Headers" gives their game away

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