Error message E:62:10 in 15 month old HX400v

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Jimmy Fox
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Re: Error message E:62:10 Finally GAVE UP!

After using three different tricks with varying success for months I finally gave up.
The one that worked most often was powering it on with lens on a table/hand.
Letting it lift it's own weight usually works for a while, with persistence.
Took more and more tries until last week it took 48 before it worked.
The next day I said "I give up!" after 2 dozen tries.
So I ordered a Kodak PixPro AstroZoom AZ651 for $339, wow, can't wait.
It has EVERY feature of the HX400 plus a longer zoom and swivel screen.
For the price I figured it was time to give Kodak a try for old times sake.
 JK Imaging owns the Kodak camera license now.
Kudos to their design team, quality TBD.

"Mama don't take my Kodachrome away!"

(It even has a Kodachrome setting)

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