got my xt2: some negative observations and questions

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Re: got my xt2: some negative observations and questions

Sjeupie wrote:

Grumpyrocker wrote:

F10 in your kitchen??????????????

I don't think this is a camera issue.

I was just trying the camera out, bro. Different settings, turning dials and knobs, taking pictures of my dinner boiling in a pot, my garden during lunchbreak and my dog playing in the snow.

It's like taking a testdrive in a car. Will you always climb that hill in 4th? No, but you can still see if it could do it. Same applies for the 0-100km/h times. You'll never dragrace from the traffic light. But when you're in a Ferrari, you might as well try out the acceleration, right?

And I had the impression that, contrary to my any spec or expectation, my former camera climbed that hill a bit easier in 4th and was a wee bit faster in the acceleration. I didn't time it, just had this feeling and was wondering if anybody else had that feeling to. That's it.

My XT2 does exactly what I expect it to, so I wonder if you either have a duff version or perhaps your expectations need recalibration. What you might like to do is download a cheap light meter phone app (such as my light meter pro) for a couple of dollars and wander around taking lightmeter readings. This should give you some idea of the amount of available light and what kind of SS and Aperture you would need to use at various ISO settings. This way you have a reasonably accurate third opinion which will will hopefully show that all is well with the xt2 (or not). 🤗

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