The D500 brings back good memories of the F90x

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The D500 brings back good memories of the F90x

For 6 months I hesitated to buy the D500. I tend to be not impulsive in buying gear and my D7100 and D7000 backup camera were giving me the results I expected in 98% of my shots.

So the question was: are these few situations worth the price of a D500?

I read a lot on the internet, advices pro and contra, people saying that the difference with the d7100 are not worth the 2k€,...

But a few missed shots due to inefficient AF in low light situation, added to the fact that I always bought my cameras second hand and thought it was time I offered myself my first new Nikon made me take the decision. The D500 was ordered.

I received it today and when I took it out of the box, every doubt was gone. It was clear I was dealing with serious stuff and found details back from my good old F90x from the nineties. For example:

is much more in the style of the F90X:

than the P,S,M,A, "scene" and "effects" selector you get on the D7x00.

Another detail is the switch allowing you to close the viewfinder for long exposures:

again, had it on the F90x:

It felt like coming home after a long absence. Of course I am sure that all the electronics will be state of the art, and will probably need a couple of thousands of images before I master it, but I was really reassured by these small things.

Since I couldn't wait for the battery to charge, I took and old EN-EL15, and it worked perfectly. Even a off-brand battery worked. I'm just mentioning it since you can find misleading information about this on the web.

I also wanted to know about the low light ability of the D500. The following pictures convinced me that it is (in my opinion) far superior to the D7000 and D7100.

ISO 1600

ISO 3200

ISO 5000

ISO 8000

Please note these are normal quality Jpegs as I didn't check the settings before shooting.

To me, it's perfect until ISO 5000. Sensitivity values of ISO 51200 and beyond, I'll only use them to take evidence of aliens visiting our planet if I meet them....

Of course these are only my first impressions, but I can tell I'll sleep well tonight as I really don't regret the investment of 2k.

I'll probably sell the D7000 in the coming weeks and keep the d7100 as a backup camera.

Looking forward to my first phototrip...

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