Going to Grand Canyon & Antelope Canyon (tips needed)

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Re: Going to Grand Canyon & Antelope Canyon (tips needed)

I went to Upper Antelope Canyon in 2014.  Access to the Upper canyon was by tour only.  You want the Photographer's Tour since that's the only way you can use a tripod.  They also clear the rooms for you so you can get images without tourists in them.  I recommend booking the photography tours in advance since they fill up.

The  rules at that time were one camera, one lens per person and changing lenses was not permitted.  These restrictions were so they could keep the tour moving.  But given the level of sand, you would not want to change lenses anyway.

I used a 16-35mm on 35mm full frame.  Most of my images were between 21mm and 24mm.

A wide angle zoom is the best choice since you can not change position (walk closer or farther) from the shooting locations the tour uses.

It's imperative to bring protection for camera and lens from the sand.  It's everywhere.  Those light beams everyone loves require sand to be thrown up in the air.  I did not adequately protect my equipment and got sand in my lens.  Both the focus and zoom made grinding sounds from the sand afterwards.  Nikon generously cleaned under warranty but better just to protect your equipment.

It's one of the best locations on earth for photography.  Enjoy!

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