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Re: 36x24 Print

Charles2 wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

... If you want something like a baryta or fine art paper, then I would start by Googling for local custom shops.

You want these papers printed on an inkjet printer. That is one reason to look for a custom shop that has a sufficiently wide Epson or Canon inkjet printer.

Online, AmericanFrame.com will print your photo on their Epson Stylus 9800 or 9900, which is wide enough. I have not used their service, and whomever you choose, you might get a small test print first.

Seriously, again?

In other threads, after constantly shilling for AmericanFrame and blaming other posters for their difficulties with that company, you've claimed that you're not affiliated with them in any way.  Now, once more, here you are acting as if you're their paid publicist.  Tell us again how you're supposedly not affiliated with them.

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