Birds In Flight - D500 Images

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Re: Birds In Flight - D500 Images

Hi R Bedford,

I am thrilled to see your discussions on this D500 as I am considering which one to buy first, Nikon D500 body or  nikon 300mm PFE len.

Currently I have the old nikon 300mm f4 IF ED len which I used for many years with TC1.4II.  One birdie guy  showed me the photos of combination of D500 with the 300f4  PF len and I was stunned with the result of his success series of bird flight of goshawk here. Even with ISO 4000 the images was good. I tested the D500 at Nikon show room indoor therefore I don't have the chance for real field test on bird flight.

I currently use the D800E body and burst of speed was too less for bird flights.

I am asking your opinion whether the D500 was the main factor or the 300F4 PF len give more successful shot to the bird flight compare to my old len 300f4 IF ED len by how much different you "estimate" since you are using much better 500mm F4 prime.

I need to weight whether to go for D500 or  new len play more significant part of it as I could not afford to have both in hand at the moment.

graemecky, Singapore


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