got my xt2: some negative observations and questions

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got my xt2: some negative observations and questions

Hi all,

after a long wait I got my xt2 with 18-55 last week. I'm still plowing my way through the manual but wanted to get some insight on a couple fo things in the meantime:

- exposure preview works great on manual. It is one of the reasons I went mirrorless. But why does it not work in S-mode?

I was shooting in dim conditions, manual. Aperture 2.8. Iso 200. Various shutter speeds. At some point I must have switched the aperture mode to auto, putting the camera thus in S-priority. I kept changing shutter speeds and checking exposure on screen, all looked great. I didn't notice the F-value shown in red rather than blue, indicating apperture was not sufficient to properly exposue the image. My bad. The vast majority of my shots turned out to be heavily underexposed. Sh*t happens, but why doesn't the camera render the preview darkened out just like in manual? I mean, it is well aware that it is under exposed, so why not show me?  It is annoying to have different systems/workflow running alongside each other and it will result for me in turning off the preview completely and relying on the light meter and trial&error again.

- Iso performance is poor. Indoors (my living room with plentynif daylight) I can basically not shoot handheld at Iso 200 and higher F-values. Exposure times go easily towards the second and I have to crank up Iso to 12.800 sometimes. My Nikon D5000 couldn't go that high. It maxed out at 3200. The highest I ever used was 800 but for the rest it was glued to iso 200. The lowest native iso it could go to.

I try making a picture of my kitchen. Plenty of light. Iso 200. F10. Exposure time has to be at least 1/4th of a second. One fourth! Holy cow

I'm currently sitting outside in my garden. It's 13:00 and no clouds in the sky. Everything is covered in snow. No way that I can look around relaxed without sunglasses.

At F22, Iso 200, the fastest shutter speed for a properly exposed image is 125 on 18mm. Sure, in real life I rarely shoot f22 but for some sunstars I do. And  god how bright can a scene get?

My dog is running around and setting ss at 1000 (iso still at 200), I have to open the aperture to at least 6,4 to get a proper exposed image. But I'd like to have the background in focus cause it is beautifull? Nope, not on this Iso bro.

Am I being unreasonable? Did I expect to much from the xt2? Is it all just user error and me not being comfortable with the camera yet? I already gave my D5000 (with very standard glass btw) to my sister but I'll ask it back to do a side to side comparison. Because I do not recall ever, EVER, having difficulty shooting at home during the day. Let alone in a scene so bright your eyes hurt. It's like there's an ND filter in front of the lens. Shooting a skier in bright sunlight with a telezoom? That is going to be a serious struggle.

- Final thing: the eyecup is pretty much a magnet for dust. It sticks all over the rubber. The grooves on the lensring collect a lot of dirt too. Considering it has been standing on my desk or in my camera bag till now.

Nikon AF-P 18-55mm F3.5-5.6G VR Nikon D5000
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