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D Cox wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

Can you suggest some less expensive hobbies ?

Drawing, painting, wood carving, acting, writing, playing the mouth organ, philosophy ...

I can buy a $50 camera from E Bay and happily take photos with it spending a few cents to re-charge my battery and that can be it. I can't buy all that much in paints/brushes/easel/paper/canvas/

wood carving , you can spend $200 just on a 4 piece chisel set, that will not do much without all the other bits and well you need to buy wood.

Of course you could buy pine or something "cheap" but as you progress you may want to get into hardwood...


You can spend $300 for a few lesson but you could end up spending thousands. And you need to travel to them and then for amateur production often have to buy your own costumes/make up.

Playing the mouth organ.

Yes you can get a $50 version and be happy with it (as with my camera) but you could also graduate from one to another ending up with a $2000 Honer Amadeus after having bought several in the $200 to $600 range.


You may want to check out the cost of some of those books...

the point here is that any hobby can be very expensive if you allow it to be and some are right at the start , photography (now) isn't.

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