An excellent AA battery P&S with full manual controls

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Re: An excellent AA battery P&S with full manual controls

If the beginner would actually download some kind of software to get his smartphone to have PASM controls and learn photography, then what a wonderful world it would be.

But I had a smartphone for years, and all I did was point and shoot it, until curiosity led me to figure out what all those PASM things were on top of the dial of my Canon point and shoot.

Within a month, I'd bought a second hand Canon EOS 350D camera, and at that point I realized how slow my Canon SX 150 IS was.  A month or so after that, my daughter and I ware at our farm, and I gave her the Canon 350D, and started using my Oly PL1 myself. Now I have a Oly P3 and I"m having a ball, and my daughter actually makes a few dollars taking photos with her decade old DSLR, and has a great time doing it.

I've bought two more  PL1's and given them to a couple of more of my kids, too.  I've bought several lenses, and now I know what an f stop, aperture, exposure compensation, shutter speed, and ISO are, but I didn't before I caught the photography addiction from the Powershot.

We could have done all that with smartphones, but we didn't.

We still use our smartphones, when we don't have a real camera on us, and I occasionally still use the Canon SX 150 IS and the replacement Canon SX 160 IS I bought when I dropped the 150 and the shutter cover and battery door sprung (although it still works).

It's my opinion that Canon ought to have a model like tho old Poweshot SX 100 IS series that isn't so much about image quality or a fast lens, as it was about having AA batteries, a good set of controls, deep menus, and cheap enough to buy on a whim, or for an instructor of a photography class to approve as a class camera.

After a beginner learns photography on a real camera, then they might start using their smartphone for actual amateur photography.

The problem is getting people interested in amateur photography, instead of just pointing and clicking, like I did for fifty years before I bought my first Powershot SX 100 IS series camera.

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