An excellent AA battery P&S with full manual controls

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Re: An excellent AA battery P&S with full manual controls

I started with an FZ18, (similar sensor size and aperture couple, even more DSLResque handling). My experience :

Humansvillian wrote:

These cameras were t for experienced enthusiasts.

But they were capable of the beginner sitting down with a book and his camera has all the same controls as a DSLR. The typical owner doesn't know what aperture even is as a beginner.

The major effects of closing aperture on these cameras is noise with hight ISO and diffraction, so you learn to keep the aperture wide open

And I learned how to set the aperture at 3.5 to get defocused backgrounds.

defocused background is associated with "you zoom as much as possible" or with macro, not with aperture. At 5mm FL and ƒ/3.5 the hyperfocal is estimated at 1,5m. That means that all from 0.75m to infinity is sharp enough at max aperture. In fact, a smartphone likely have better background defocus ability than the Sx160 at wide angle.

Amd when I wanted a smart camera like my smartphone, set it on Program or Auto or Guide and it worked great.

Smartphones are better on auto. smarter. With auto multi frame NR, auto multi frame HDR that look natural instead of heavily tone mapped, better white balance, better colors...

We need new photography enthusiasts, and the SX130-160 series were the best learner cameras in recent times.

Just like this camera, smartphones allow you to learn composition, exposure, shutter speed. They also allow you to shoot raw, process the image on camera and share it... IMHO it seems much better to create enthusiasm and express creativity.

Canon should reissue a similar AA battery model, with Wifi and maybe a faster lens, but for the type f3.5 isn't all that slow.

New, these cameras didn't cost what one fast lens does for a DSLR.

Now that smartphones have destroyed the low end P&S market, the price balance as shifted a lot.

Yet they had DSLR control sets.

which can be emulated on a smartphone app for less than 10$

Beginners need a starter camera, and these were great.

But smartphone are better for this. The only benefit of these cameras is zoom.

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