Change Canon SLR setup to ...?? Advice please

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Change Canon SLR setup to ...?? Advice please

Hi there,

I'm in a (first world) pickle - I'm looking to minimise the amount of gear I own and choose a good quality all-rounder setup.

I've been a Canon SLR user for a while, but mainly because my first SLR was a Canon and I've just progressively bought lenses and accessories since. I'm not tied to the brand and am open to a complete refresh. I've been waiting for the 6D2 to arrive (havent we all) but somehow I'm not convinced that it will be leading edge technology as Canon seems to have a history of slightly underwhelming those who wait and perhaps relying a little heavily on brand value/strength (I'm not looking for arguments here, just sayin').

When I think about it, what I'm looking for is a setup (camera and lenses) that will cover me on a spectrum of everyday through to semi-pro gallery quality prints (for my personal use only at this stage). I'm asking for advice on the forum because other people follow product releases, tech advances and subtle product differences much closer than me.

Firstly I'll tell you my experience level, what I currently own and then what my needs/wants are.

Me: advanced enthusiast level (10+ years using SLRs), bordering on semi-pro ability. I know good composition and camera technique, but still learning best application of the skills/techniques. I know that the best camera can still be a dull tool in the hands of the inexperienced.

What I have now:

  • Canon 6D SLR
  • Canon lenses 24-105mm F4L, 17-40mm F4L, 100-300mm F4-5.6L.
  • Gitzo 3532 tripod with RRS BH-55 ballhead (and smaller Gitzo travel tripod)
  • Sony RX100 IV compact (I had it, recently lost it, but expect insurance to cover it)


I mostly enjoy shooting landscapes, in all lighting conditions  (but I don't make a habit of standing out in the rain for long). I enjoy hiking and travel photography, but usually its the landscapes I'm shooting when travelling, not the people. However I'm happy to carry my 35L F-stop backpack with camera and tripod on a multi-day hike. I've done a few multi-day moderate altitude hikes with gear on my back.

To summarise my priorities:

  • Landscapes
  • Low light performance
  • Versatility
  • Good quality 4k video (for mostly slow or still movement)


  • Portability
  • Portraits
  • Compatability with existing lenses (but not crucial)

Less Important:

  • Sports/action
  • Low light portraits/concerts etc

I'm happy to spend some good coin to get what I want. Happy to forgo a compact camera and just use a smartphone for happy snaps if the other setup can do everything else.

I've been thinking along the lines of a mirrorless (e.g. Sony A7R2 or Fujifilm XT2)  with a couple of landscape primes and an all-purpose zoom.

Any opinions and advice appreciated but pls avoid brand bashing.

Many thanks in advance, Kris

Canon EOS 6D Sony RX100 IV
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