Sexist Forum?

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Re: Sexist Forum?

Actually I was going to use my "normal" screen name CyberPet, but I saw some guy here (that you guys weren't too happy about) using a name similar to CyberPet, so I did chose my alternative screen name, PowerPet, instead.

"Power" comes from my constant use of my PowerBook (I'm a real Macfreak) and "Pet" is just a shortform for my real name Petra. An old boyfriend (from the good ol' US) called me Pet and I kind of liked the double meaning of it.

So I should expect less good treatment now... or better?


Sal Giambruno wrote:
Ah, but Petra, PowerPet (or Petra for that matter), isn't an
obvious female name, at least not to Americans. Of course, now
that we know . . . :^)

PowerPet wrote:
I'm new so I haven't gotten into the community feel yet, but I can
say as much, that regardless of gender it seems to be easy to "come
in from the cold" (i.e. being new to everyone, and the topic) in
this forum. I've been met with lots of respect and been helped by
truely helpful people. Even if I'm a newbie and my questions might
be very "blue eyed".

I sincerly doubt that people has cared about my gender, but they
have been answering my questions. I haven't gotten any more posts
than I expected. It seems that posts with pictures of half naked
women gets alot more posts


Sal Giambruno wrote:

I believe I am noticing a sexist trend in this NG. To wit, when a
female (or someone with a feminine pen) posts a message,
interesting or not, she ends up with a flood of replies, most of
which are overly elaborate. On the other hand, when a male posts,
unless the question is of great interest, it goes largely
unnoticed. Is this a "Damsel in Distress" syndrome, or are my
observations without merit?

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