D7000 quits while in interval timer shooting mode

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Check set up?

"Interval" .....the time from start of exposure to start of the next exposure. So a 15sec exposure + plus time it takes to process the 15 sec exposure (green write light goes out) + 2 sec delay (in this case) for next shot. That would be an "interval" setting of {15 + 1 + 2} or 18 in this case (Long exposure NR off) If your "Interval" is less than this, then your number of actual shots will be less than the "number of intervals" "Number of intervals" is not number of shots, but rather just how long to run the program based on "interval" setting times the number of "intervals" If your "Interval" is 2 and your "Number of intervals" is 300 then your program will run for 600 sec ( 10 min ) and number of shots will have no bearing on it. I think

Another example:

You want 15sec exposures.

You want to take pictures for half an hour (1800 sec)

You want to use Long Exposure NR

First set "Interval".....which will be...15sec (time of exposure) + 20sec (time to complete writing job to the card) + a 1sec cushion = INTERVAL of "36"

Then set "number of intervals"...in this case half an hour ( so 1800 sec )...so 1800 divided by your interval time of 36 = NUMBER OF INTERVALS of "50"

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