Sexist Forum?

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Re: Sexist Forum?

Dear Sal

I for one look at the content - the name is not something that I worry about since it is often not a good indication of the gender of the sender.

But to answer your question, no I have not found it to be a forum that is gender sensitive but rather one that helps people whatever age or gender.


Michael J Savage

Sal Giambruno wrote:
Once again, it is a matter of the operational tendencies of this NG
to discuss sexual biases in the selection of our replies,
especially when it leads to a more fruitful solution to an issue
anyone might post.

Most importantly, it is a flag held up, asking us to examine our
treatment of others in this NG.

Maybe I'm just a Bleeding-Heart Liberal . . .

I knew I would get flamed on posting this message, but my sense of
fairness urged me to do so . . .

PAD wrote:
observations without merit! This is ridiculous but shows a trend.
Dont we have other more interesting things to discuss in this forum
than this one?


Sal Giambruno wrote:

I believe I am noticing a sexist trend in this NG. To wit, when a
female (or someone with a feminine pen) posts a message,
interesting or not, she ends up with a flood of replies, most of
which are overly elaborate. On the other hand, when a male posts,
unless the question is of great interest, it goes largely
unnoticed. Is this a "Damsel in Distress" syndrome, or are my
observations without merit?

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