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Re: Sexist Forum?

Sal Giambruno wrote:

I believe I am noticing a sexist trend in this NG. To wit, when a
female (or someone with a feminine pen) posts a message,
interesting or not, she ends up with a flood of replies, most of
which are overly elaborate. On the other hand, when a male posts,
unless the question is of great interest, it goes largely
unnoticed. Is this a "Damsel in Distress" syndrome, or are my
observations without merit?

You may be right that posts from females get more responses,
but I wouldn't call it "Damsel in Distress" syndrome. I look at it
like this.
This is a hobby/profession that's dominated by men. Few women
have the same zeal for investing tons of money in equipment
and fiddling with shots for hours and hours in Photoshop, and
then talking about the technical side of it day after day here.
The same can be said of lots of other hobbies/sports/professions
like Auto Racing and Computer Programming. I don't think men are
better at it, they just have different daily priorities. (call that sexist if
you want but men and women are different in some ways)

What I see is that when women come here and express some
interest in photography, the mostly male crowd tends to want
to encourage them a bit more than usual. How many men here
wish they could talk seriously about photography with their spouses or GF's?
I know a number of women who are into photography but
not into the technical side at all. When one of them asks a technical
question, I see that as a good sign, and offer encouragement.

If we were really sexist as you say, wouldn't we be trying to
exclude women?


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