Which BOKEH do you Prefer? Lens A vs B (Artistic Opinion only)

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@HappyVan - here is a shot with longer focal length

HappyVan wrote: It's the lens that makes the difference. Obviously, the defocus characteristic of the shorter prime is nicer. My suggestion is to try out the longer prime at different apertures.

I have plenty of Telephoto prime shots (see my previous post). Here is my 3rd LENS C (near 85mm @the same aperture as Lens A & B)

Longer focal length of my Lens C does produce "technically" better photo:

  • more blur
  • less distraction background

But I don't like it "artistically", it seem rather FLATto me Like someone bulldoze my GF into the background, there seem to be a complete lack of any depth. Another problem is that on longer prime, I can't tell where we are?

Like I said before, we're not professional photographer or models, these are our vacation snaps, and we want a Balance of a decent bokeh, yet still Wide Enough to capture the environment to give us an context to where we are when we take the photograph.

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