Who's more reliable/less prone to malfunction? - Olympus vs Panasonic

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Who's more reliable/less prone to malfunction? - Olympus vs Panasonic

I guess one of the worst things that can happen to a photographer is a camera failure.

I am regularly using an Olympus E-M5 and Panasonic GX7, and when it comes down purely to shooting experience I would choose Olympus without hesitation.

But it has happened two or three times that the E-M5 would refuse to focus, or wouldn't turn on. So far those were isolated cases, and hopefully the camera will continue to function for the years to come, but all those small things make it that less reliable.

Also, there have been many reports of Olympus cameras malfunctioning in various ways: strap lugs falling out, the shutter curtain lock up, dials falling off.

Strangely, I can't recall reading about any Panasonic cameras failures.

Does that mean Panasonic might be more reliable? Do they have better quality control?

Which brand is more reliable in your experience? Please take part in the poll and share you experiences in the comments.

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Olympus is more reliable (less failures)
16.2% 12  votes
Panasonic is more reliable (less failures)
83.8% 62  votes
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