E-M1.2 + Panny lenses, purple fringing?

Started Mar 2, 2017 | Questions thread
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A bit of an update

Adrian Harris wrote:

I look forward to your test reports as I find purple fringing hard to deal with in many situations and so far have not found a great way to remove it when it is severe.

Unfortunately, looks like really testing this thing thoroughly is more work and more time consuming than I imagined. But I did build a test setup and took first series of shots. And the results are, to be honest, heartbreaking.

Now, this is a bit more extreme than the usual case when doing landscape astrophotography. But I also took some star shots, albeit in bad weather and extremely light polluted sky, and the shots from Oly clearly suffered from this issue.

This basically means that on an Olympus body, this very expensive lens is useless for tasks it should excel at. And it's not only stars. The amount of purple fringing on general night-time street photography type of shots is well beyond acceptable and very noticeable and distracting (to me at least).

And I also revisited my night shots taken with Samyang 12mm f/2. There is very little purple fringing with that lens. Here's what I mean:

To be honest, this issue makes me question the whole Micro 4/3. The realistic side of me tells me that E-M1 Mark II will not handle this any better than my E-M10, while I still cling to the hope it might.

And I was planning to get E-M1.2 as an ultimate do everything camera. And with the 12mm f/1.4 that would make for some really nice astro setup. And I have a trip scheduled in less than two months where astrophotography will be a big part of (if weather permits).

And it looks like I'm stuck. I still think that E-M1.2 + 12-100 + 100-300 is the perfect combo for that trip. But it looks that for astro, I will have to compromise and accept inferior results. I will probably get the Samyang again, maybe this time I will get a good copy.

What really busts my balls is how good the Leica otherwise is. The coma is well controlled, vignetting is moderate and the lens is sharp edge to edge right from the get go, and even extreme corners are good wide open. Build quality is fantastic as well. This is a lens I would love to use.

I have three more weeks to get E-M1.2 and verify if the lens is usable with it. If not, it goes back and my dreams of having a decent Micro 4/3 astrophotography setup will just die

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